The LSU Tiger Band Drumline is comprised of approximately 30 members which include the following instruments: 8-10 snare drums, 4-6 tenors, 6 bass drums, and 8-10 cymbals. Drumline auditions are held in August two days before the start of the preseason band camp. This camp is generally held one week before the beginning of the fall semester. Returning members must reaudition each year for the line. In addition to rehearsing with the Tiger Band, the Drumline rehearses on Monday evenings and Saturday mornings of game days. 

The 2013 Tiger Band Drumline will offer (non-mandetory) workshops for interested students over the summer. These free workshops will be held in the Tiger Band Hall on Aster Street on the following dates:

June 29th, 1-4 pm
July 13th, 1-4 pm
July 27th, 1-4 pm
August 10th, 1-4 pm

Unlike wind players who are interested in Tiger Band, percussionists do not need to schedule an individual appointment to play for the Band staff before the August audition date (you can if you would like to, especially if you're interested in any comments on your playing).  We're asking all interested Drumline applicants to register for our Tiger Band Preseason Band Camp (which begins after the audition process) after July 1ich begins after the audition process). Those selected for the LSU Drumline immediately begin band camp. You'll find band camp registration information in the Drumline Audition Handbook.

A 2013 LSU Drumline Handbook of audition music and exercises is available online to all interested applicants. It will be posted in a Members Only section of the website by July 1.  For more information, contact either Forrest Shea at fshea1@campus.lsu.edu or Lee Wright at lwrig15@tigers.lsu.edu.