Symphonic Winds

The LSU Symphonic Winds is comprised of select undergraduate and graduate music majors in the School of Music, as well as other qualified musicians from other disciplines across campus. This ensemble rehearses on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:00-3:20 pm.  The Symphonic Winds performs repertoire from original wind band works, chamber works, and selected transcriptions. Symphonic Winds enrollment averages 60 musicians each year and auditions are open to all interested students. The course number is MUS 4254.

For audition information about the Symphonic Winds, click here.

2011-Present Performed Repertoire

LSU Symphonic Winds 
Saturday Morning Cartoons
Dennis Llinás, conductor 
Lori Bade, narrator 
February 24, 2015
Cartoon - Paul Hart
Façade Entertainments - William Walton
     Lorie Bade, narrator
     Jodelling Song
     Popular Song
Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 - Franz Liszt /arr. by Alfred Reed
Barber of Seville Overture - Gioacchino Rossini/arr. by Wenzel Sedlak
A Day in the West - arr. by Dennis Llinas 

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinàs, conductor
Kelvin Jones, guest conductor 
October 9, 2014
“In the Land of the Golden Fleece” from Tales of the Traveler - John Phillip Sousa 
Irish Tune from County Derry - Percy Grainger 
Jeux d’enfants - Georges Bizet/arr. Graham Sheen
     I. L’Escarpolette
     II. La Toupie
     V. Le Volant
     VI. Trompette et Tambour
     VII. Les Bulles de Savon
     VIII. Les Quatre Coins
La Processión del Rocío - Joaquín Turina/arr. Alfred Reed
     Kelvin Jones, guest conductor
Traveler - David Maslanka 
“Dance 1” from Jazz Suite No. 2 - Dmitri Shostakovich 

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinás, conductor
Kelvin Jones, conductor
October 18, 2014
Reveille - Traditional
Battle Hymn - Traditional 
Colonel Bogey - Kenneth J. Alford
Mother Goose Suite - Maurice Ravel/arr. John Gibson
     IV. Conversations of Beauty and the Beast
O Sacrum Convivium - Olivier Messaieni/ arr. Jase Nugent
Good Soldier Schweik Suite - Robert Kurka
     VI. Finale 
Taps - Traditional 
Variations on America - Charles Ives/arr. William Schuman 
Yankee Doodle - Traditional/arr. Phyllis A. Willey 
Nocturne and Scherzo - Nokolai Rimsky-Korsakov/ed. Georgi Kirkor and Clark McAlister
     I. Nocturne 
Sharpened Stick - Brett Dietz 
Trio from Act III: Der Rosenklavalier - Richard Strauss/arr. Jimmie Howard Reynolds 
Spin Cycle - Brett Dietz
     5. fanfare? 
The Planets - Gustav Holst/trans. Merlin Patterson 
     I. Mars, the Bringer of War 
Spiegl im spiegl - Arvo Pärt

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinás, conductor 
Seth Orgel, horn
Jase Nugent, guest composer
Kelvin Jones, graduate conductor
April 22, 2014
Kentucky Sunrise - Karl King
Malfunction - Jase Nugent
        World Premiere
Nocturno, Op. 7 - Franz Strauss/Kreines
Firefly - Ryan George
Vetrate di Chiesa - Ottorino Respighi/Schyns
        1. The Flight Into Egypt
        2. St. Michael Archangel
        3. The Matins of St. Clare
        4. St. Georgry the Great

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinás, conductor 
Terry Patrick-Harris, mezzo-soprano
Daniel Tembras, guest conductor
Christopher Dickey, graduate conductor
Kelvin Jones, graduate conductor
February 20, 2014
Apollo March - Anton Bruckner/Rhodes
Rondino - Ludwig van Beethoven
     Christopher Dickey, graduate conductor
Two Songs After Texts by Friedrich Rückert - Gustav Mahler/Llinás
        1. Libest du um Schönheit
        2. Ich bin der Welt abhanden gekommen
     Terry Patrick-Harris, mezzo-soprano
The Girl with the Flaxen Hair - Claude Debussy/Sparke
     Kelvin Jones, graduate conductor
The Tenderland Suite - Aaron Copland/Tembras
     Daniel Tembras, guest conductor
     Matt Daniels, bass-baritone
Greg Gallagher, tenor
     Chelsey Geeting, mezzo-soprano
Rose Mannino, soprano
Sean O'Malley, baritone

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinás, conductor
November 19, 2013
Three Pieces for Clarinet, I - Igor Stravinsky
       Savannah Ramirez, clarinet
Log Cabin Blues -  George Hamilton Green/Becker
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - Christopher Rouse
Three Pieces for Clarinet, II - Igor Stravinsky
        Greg Vogler, clarinet     
Bethena - Scott Joplin
        Willis Delony, piano  
Blue Shades - Frank Ticheli
Clapping Music - Steve Reich
        Derrick Jenkins and Emma Reed
La Diva de L'Empire, "Intermezzo Américain” Music – Erick Satie/Marillia
Three Pieces for Clarinet, III - Igor Stravinsky
        Wilbert Gilley, clarinet             
Rhapsody in Blue - George Gershwin/Hunsberger
        Willis Delony, piano                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinás, conductor
October 8, 2013
My Jesus, O What Anguish – Johann Sebastian Bach
Fugue a la Gigue – Johan Sebastian Bach/Holst
In C – Terry Riley
Second Prelude – George Gershwin/Krance
Little Fugue in G minor - Johann Sebastian Bac/Kimura
Passacaglia: Homage on B-A-C-H – Ron Nelson

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinas, conductor
Griffin Campbell, narrator
April 16th, 2013
Fanfare zür eröffnung der musikwoche der Stadt Wien - Richard Strauss
Death's Thin Melody Too . . . Variations on a Simple Tune - Paul Rudy
Little Threepenny Music - Kurt Weill
       Girffin Campbell, narrator
Catclaw Mimosa - Benjamin Hjertmann
Aurora Awakes - John Mackey

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinas, conductor
Gabriel Beavers, bassoon
February 25th, 2013
Florentiner March - Julius Fucik
Hommage a Rameau - Debussy/Hunsberger
Andante and Hungarian Rondo - Weber/Rogers
           Gabriel Beavers, bassoon
Augenblick - Christopher Stark
"Profanation" from Symphony No. 1 "Jeremiah" - Leonard Bernstein

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinas, conductor
Robert Schwartz, graduate conductor
November 19, 2012
Pacific Fanfare - Frank Ticheli
George Washington Bridge - William Schumann
Concerto No. 2 for Trumpet and Band - Fisher Tull
Dixtour pour instruments a vent - Claude Arrieu
Symphony No. 2 - Frank Ticheli
        III. Apollo Unleashed

LSU Symphonic Winds
Dennis Llinas, conductor
October 9, 2012
Marche Hongroise" from Damnation of Faust - Hector Berlioz/Yo Goto
A Grainger Suite - Percy Grainger
     I. Shepherd's Hey
     II. Austrailian Up-Country Tune
     III. The Gumsuckers' March
In Paradisum from Revenant Mass - Brett Dietz (world premiere)
First Suite in E-flat for Military Band - Gustav Holst
Give Us This Day - David Maslanka

Symphonic Winds
Eric Melley, conductor
April 25, 2012
Blink – Joel Puckett
Hymn to a Blue Hour – John Mackey
Ecstatic Waters – Steven Bryant
Song of the Telegraph – Ian Dicke

LSU Symphonic Winds
Eric Melley, conductor
Fuller Lyon, graduate conductor
Meredith DuBose, mezzo soprano
November 22, 2011
Sept danses – Jean Francaix
Three Japanese Dances – Bernard Rogers
Smetana Fanfare – Karel Husa
A Solemn Music – Virgil Thomson
Symphonic Songs for Band – Robert Russell Bennett

LSU Symphonic Winds
Eric Melley, conductor
October 10, 2011
Flag of Stars – Gordon Jacob
Orient et Occident – Camille Saint-Saens/Musgrave
Dwellers of the Western World – John Philip Sousa
Dance of the New World – Dana Wilson
Cuban Overture – George Gershwin/arr. Rogers