Linda Saucier

Band Department Coordinator

Linda Saucier joined the LSU Band Department staff in March 2003 as Administrative Coordinator; just a fancy title for "jack of all trades." Her duties in the Band Department (not easily defined) include everything from office typing and letter writing to payroll, summer camps, and ordering music, uniforms, supplies, and food for the band during football season, to sewing missing buttons on band uniforms as band members board the buses as they follow our athletes and fans while urging them on to victory.

Mrs. Saucier has a rich family history with the LSU Bands -- in addition to her great uncles, her father served as drum major for the Tiger Band for several years during the 1940s while her mother was a music major and member of the band.

Linda Saucier, Department Coordinator
Department of Bands
School of Music
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803-2504
Voice: 225/578-2384
Fax: 225/578-4693
E-mail: Linda Saucier